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The shared colony planet of Forge is at the crossroads of three great peoples: the Scotian Realm, the Xern Cluster, and the Tormin Accord. Only a few know that Forge is also in the crosshairs of imminent invasion.

 On Forge, a mindblind and amnesic Scotian labors under the whip of his Tormin master. Tazhret wants to believe the beautiful woman who whispers hope to his harrowed heart. But is she real, a memory of his forgotten past? Or merely the single bright thread in the grim visions induced by the same hallucinogen that took his Elemental talents and put him in the chains of indentured servitude.

 Real or vision, Tazhret loves her just the same, never dreaming they share a dark future pitting them against their Scotian high king, and the predatory psychics of the Khevox Dominion…with the fate of the three peoples hanging on the thread of their love. An Instapundit reader recommendation.

Forge: Book I of the Thrall Web Series
Now available from Decadent Publishing


Clenched in the grip of a fateful vision, the black web of Tazhret’s nightmare suffocated him, paralyzed him. While his heart pounded in terrified denial, the ensnaring net grew dense, and tight, cutting off all light, all sound…every breath of air. The nightmare shifted, and the web became chains, chains of red fire burning into his skin, binding him, crushing him in nameless enslavement to an evil will while his soul cried for freedom.

One thread of light, an answer to a desperate prayer, shone in Fate’s grim weaving of a dark future.

She was beautiful. She gazed at him, her luminous amber eyes sorrowful in a pale face framed by dark hair. She insisted against all evidence, You have a name. A good one.

He knew he loved her. His heart ached for her.

He wondered who she was.

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38 thoughts on “4.5 Stars on Amazon.com

  1. Can’t wait to read it! Looking forward to the 24th! Now, should I just get the ebook or should I also get a hard copy so te author can sign it?!? Decisions, decisions!

  2. So, now I need to figure out if I can order copies for gifts. ~Counts up birthdays for which FORGE would be a yowza gift~ Oh, and dibs on the idea!

  3. O MY ! How thrilling and enthralling. You have forged ahead to good purpose. I hope you will attract and captivate many readers. Fr. V —

  4. Congratulations!!! Just a few years since you wrote this, right? 🙂 And now it’s finally got a wonderful release date! A cause to celebrate! Bring out all the exclamation marks!!!!!!!

    • Andrea – color me exuberant! I’m pretty sure I could empty out the exclamation mark supply, all by myself!
      I started writing “Forge” about six years ago. Seems like yesterday. So why does July 13th seem like an eternity away?
      Cheers, + TK

  5. Forge ahead of the rest! Release date on my calendar. Is there a Scotian wine you would recommend with this delicious read?

    • Kathleen – A Scotian wine? Hmmm…I usually ask my sister for advice about wines. But I’d go for something that pairs well with dark chocolate. Canmore Cabernet? I like a homemade chercot (cherry apricot) cordial with dark chocolate and a good book, myself. Thanks for stopping by…I hope July 13th finds you curled up with your ebook, chocolate, and wine! Cheers, + TK

    • Still no word on release date, Susnn. I’ll have to get back to you on the pre-order question. I think so, but this is all very new to me. I’ll check with Decadent, and get back to you! Cheers, + T.K.

      • And the answer is…
        There is no “pre-order” per se, but in order to have the book available on the promised released date, Decadent will post it a bit early. Usually one-to-two days before. Now that I have an official release date (July 13th!) you can put it on your calendar!

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