Star Map

The star domains of the Three Peoples of the Sixteen Planets, and the Khevox Dominion.

Scotian Realm       Tormin Accord        Xern Cluster     Khevox Dominion*
1. Scotia                    8. Tormin’tel            12. Xernsxin              Khevox Prime
2. Canmore              9. Zha’turu                13. Esxin             17. Khevox Forward Base
3. Caledonia            10. Seli’turu               14. Skerrisxin
4. Skye                     11. Ked’turu              15. Xerisx
5. Saindrew                                               16. Vesx
6. Ekosse
7. Chillibin
Scotian Protectorate: FORGE – shared with the Xern Cluster and Tormin Accord

*The Khevox Dominion has many planets; only two are shown here.

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    • Chris – We all get by with a little help from our friends…or, in this case, my niece, who did the lion’s share of putting together the map. I’m glad you like it! Cheers, + TK

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