…to all those who came out to join me in The Romance Studios’ chat room last night, with other Decadent authors, for repartee, laughter, and prizes–free books! I was happy to see some familiar “faces” in the room, for my inaugural authors’ event. Thank you for your support!

Apparently, there were also some access issues–I heard from a couple of folks about getting bounced at the door. I was bounced the first time I tried to get into the chat, myself. I tried one browser, but got a message about Java not being enabled in my browser…? I’m just this side of a techno-peasant, but for some reason, something in the message clicked in my back brain, and I used a different browser, instead. Et voila! Just in case TRS hasn’t fired the bouncer–or if he shows up at the door to other chat rooms–I guess I need to figure out how to update Java and enable it in my browser to avoid future panic attacks on the brink of chat room appearances!

I’m very glad I made it to the chat, because that’s when I learned that “Forge” is scheduled for release on July 13th!

Thanks again for coming out to see me at TRS! And watch the Events page here for news of an upcoming “blog tour” to promote the release of “FORGE: Book I of the Thrall Web Series”!


+ TK

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